The hardware setup of the hosting server where you host your sites is rather important and can have an impact on their performance. Since a site includes also databases, logs, a Control Panel to maintain the content, an email service, and so on, you need the right hardware which will support all of these processes. A unit with a high CPU speed means that your web apps will be executed more efficiently, while additional physical memory will allow more system processes to run simultaneously, which means that the hardware shall have direct impact on how your websites perform and in the event that the server isn't powerful enough, they will work slowly or will not function at all. In this light, it's essential to check not just what attributes a particular Internet hosting plan features, but also if the hardware will be good enough to support these functions.
24-core servers, hardware in Web Hosting
In case you opt to purchase one of our web hosting packages, you won't have to be worried about the servers where your websites will be accommodated or about the lack of system resources. We use an outstanding cloud platform and every single service is handled by its own cluster of servers. Each machine within the clusters contains 24 processor cores and 64 GB RAM, so whatever applications you want to use, they'll perform at top speed at all times. We could always add more machines to any of the clusters, meaning that the processing power and the hard disk space for our solutions is virtually limitless. For superior performance, we take advantage of solid-state drives for the storage, that will raise the overall performance of your websites considerably. Because our servers are not only extremely powerful, but also redundant, you will not notice any downtime for any website which you host with us.
24-core servers, hardware in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Unlike numerous hosting service providers that run everything on a single server, we use an innovative cloud hosting platform, so if you acquire a semi-dedicated hosting account from our firm, it will be created on that platform. The latter consists of numerous clusters which handle the different elements of the Internet hosting service such as file storage, log generation, databases, etcetera. Each and every cluster includes exceptionally powerful servers with 24-core processors and 64 GB physical memory which provide outstanding loading speeds for all the websites hosted on our end. The performance of your web apps will be boosted even further by the solid-state drives which we use. The cluster system enables us to offer a lot of unrestricted features with the semi-dedicated plans and in case you acquire an account, you will really be able to use them because we could expand any of the clusters by attaching more servers with the same hardware setup.
24-core servers, hardware in Dedicated Hosting
If you choose to purchase a dedicated server from our company, you will enjoy a machine with powerful hardware that will satisfy your requirements whatever the type of sites you wish to run. We use diligently tested components to ensure that you will not face any hardware issues, however to be on the safe side, we also have spare parts in our US datacenter where our 24/7 support team can replace each component very quickly. With up to 12-core processors, 16 GB physical memory as well as gigabit network cards, you can actually get an internet hosting powerhouse for your web apps and never have to worry whether they will work properly or not. Needless to say, in case you don't need such a configuration, we offer less powerful servers to suit your needs and budget as well. You will find the same high-quality hardware with each and every dedicated server package.